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Hello and welcome in, I’m Susan, and I believe you are here because we are a reflection of one another. Perhaps you are here because you see the calmness and joy that dwells within me, and maybe there's a piece of you wondering how you can source these qualities within yourself. I am here to support you in fostering daily practices to bring more peace and calm in your life. I am here to give you heart-to-heart connection by holding space for you to take the journey inward, to make you feel seen, honored and heard. I am here to serve as a reflection of your true nature and help you return to the source within.

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resource: yin yoga retreat

september 21-28, 2019


Join me for an exquisite week at the exclusive boutique retreat hotel, Soulshine Bali, for this yin-inspired retreat. Curated from a deep desire to share in moments of stillness, spaciousness and in witness of our intimate capacity to experience true nature from a well-resourced space within. Together we will take the journey inward through daily practice, connection and exploration in the sacred beauty supporting us.






Working with Susan is an experience of Peace — Centered Peace and feeling as though I have actually come back into full being and presence with my physical, earthy and higher self. So often, throughout my week, I hit periods of feeling very scattered and it’s hard to reground. She achieves this in her classes and you are able to walk out, fully one again with yourself and able to move through your purpose in life in clarity.
— Madeleine, St. Louis, MO
Susan Rae is a constant reminder of how the body and mind respond to slow and gentle movements. Her graceful, calming energy always sets me at ease during her classes, and I always walk out feeling refreshed. I highly recommend experiencing what she has to offer as it will certainly be of great benefit for your mind and body. 
— George, Las Vegas, NV
I want to tell you how much our time together helped me. The safe container Susan created for me to express, heal and dare to dream was an integral stepping stone to the abundance of joy I am experiencing in my life!! Thank you for reminding me of my KNOWING.
— Maura, Coral Gables, FL
If yoga were a person, what sort of personality would they have? Peaceful, passionate, selfless, engaging, spiritual, enlightened, focused, and with no judgement just love. All of these characteristics, Susan Rae possesses in an abundance.

Susan’s Yin class is full of love, light and inspiration. Her method of teaching is positive, creative and inspirational, but at the same time relaxing and reflective. She brings out the best in you and helps you to achieve your best at your own pace.
— Alex, San Francisco, CA