Soul Sessions



Develop the discipline of a daily practice (sadhana) and surrendering of the mind through meditation, yoga, pranayama, mantra and prayer.

Your practice helps to bring the discoveries of your inner world to your outer world. The purpose of your life is served by your sadhana (daily practice). When your practice is consistent and steady there is a natural flow of ease and grace in life.

Born from my studies in India, I found retreat life so rich and supportive of my daily practice that I wanted to find a way to bridge the gap from deep retreat bliss to home life. In my own plight to seek sadhana support upon my re-entry I designed these Soul Sessions specifically for those looking to develop a personal home practice.

I am here to guide you, support you and to provide the accountability you need to stick with your commitment and remember your purpose for practicing.

Commit to 30, 60 or 90 days of sadhana and begin to experience ease + grace now.

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